Fall and Winter Session Ensembles (September - March)

North Star Strings (NSS) is our introductory strings only orchestra. The goal of this ensemble is to introduce students to ensemble playing and help develop note reading. Students in this orchestra should have a minimum of 1 year of private lessons and should be able to read music. All students who apply are accepted into this ensemble. NSS is directed by Mark Wamma.

Youth Philharmonic (YP) is our intermediate ensemble open to wind, percussion, and string musicians. YP students can expect to see more challenging key signatures (up to 4 flats or sharps), challenging rhythms, and shift into higher positions. These students will typically have between 3-6 years of experience on their instrument and may have prior ensemble experience. YP is directed by Mark Wamma.

Youth Symphony Orchestra (YSO) is our most advanced ensemble offered to wind, percussion, and string musicians. YSO students will typically 4 or more years of experience on their instrument and have had prior ensemble experience. Repertoire for YSO will be selected from advanced high school or introductory collegiate level works. YSO is directed by David Stordalen.

Summer Session Ensembles (April - June)

Pops Orchestra is open to string, wind, and percussion student musicians of all playing abilities. Selections for this orchestra will be drawn from movie and popular culture. Rehearsals are 1.5 hours on Sundays.

Percussion Ensemble is open to any student regardless of whether they play percussion. Students will prepare 1-3 pieces for the final concert. Percussion ensemble is a great way to develop rhythm and counting skills as well as try out some fun percussion instruments! Rehearsal is 45 minutes on Sundays.

Jazz Ensemble is a great chance for students to get introduced to jazz or continue their studies. Students will learn basics of jazz improvisation and music theory. No previous experience is needed and all instruments are welcome. Rehearsal is 1.25 hours on Sundays.

Where are rehearsals?

MAYSO rehearses on the campus of Bethany Lutheran College in the Ylvisaker Fine Arts Center.