Student Scholarships

Membership Fee Scholarship

The membership fee scholarship is available for any student in financial need. Membership scholarships are based on date of submission and awarded at the discretion of the board.

Mileage Scholarship

Students who are located 20 miles outside of Mankato are eligible to apply. Scholarships are ranked based on miles driven to MAYSO, date of submission, and the discretion of the board.

Additional Financial Support

The Prairie Lakes Regional Arts Council

Youth scholarship for students in grades 7-12 and 3-6.

The Youth Scholarship of $300 for grades 7–12 and $200 for grades 3–6, will provide select students the opportunity to study their chosen art with a practicing professional artist, attend an arts workshop, series of classes or special training opportunity.

Students in grades 7–12 must be participating with an instructor, an organization or arts discipline for at least 2 years to be eligible.

Students in grades 3–6 must be participating for at least one year to be eligible.

Artistic areas include: dance, literature, media arts, music, theater and visual arts. 

The application for both age groups is due November 1. There is only one deadline per year for each scholarship program.

These scholarships are competitive. They are not based on financial need but rather for students that are active and excelling in their art form; and are being rewarded for their goals, ambitions, and achievement. The on-going learning component of the lessons, classes, etc. is an important factor. Lessons can be conducted in-person or online via Skype, Zoom, or other live platforms.

The scholarship can be used to take lessons or pay fees to a private instructor or a non-profit arts organization serving youth. Examples include: Area Art Centers, Dance Conservatory of Southern MN, Mankato Area Youth Symphony Orchestra, Mankato Ballet Company, Mankato Children’s Chorus, Mankato Playhouse, Mankato School of Music, New Ulm Suzuki School of Music, other youth dance or music organizations, or art centers and groups which offer art classes to youth, etc. Students may not use this scholarship to participate in a school or organization band or choir trip, or other arts or music trips.

Prairie Lakes values an equitable, diverse, and inclusive community and this is reflected in our policies and program for youth. Students who have a disability, or have a diverse cultural background are encouraged to apply. If you need assistance in the application process, please contact the Prairie Lakes office staff and we would be happy to assist you.